Animals on the Ranch

Ranch & Lesson Horses


Whether you're coming for a Trail Ride or a Lesson, these horses will make sure you have a good time!

Competition Horses


The Competition Horses play a huge role at the Ranch. Check out the Past, Present and Future Champions. 

Farm Animals


There's not only horses at Von Doeler's Ranch. Check out the other animals that live here!

Live a Little, Learn a Little

About Bashkir Curly Horses


This unique breed is the foundation of our Guest Ranch. They are tough, gentle & also hypo-allergenic, making it possible for those with allergies to enjoy riding as well. If you'd like to learn more about this rare breed check out our page below! 

Our Horse Of The Month


This weeks featured horse is MINDY!

Mindy has been with us for 15 years (since she was 1!), and is one of our most dependable mares! She came down with a terrible case of colitis Oct. 2018. Her chance's of surviving were only 40%. After 8 days of intensive care at Guelph and 3 months of slow rehabilitation, Mindy enjoyed her first ride back this January!