About the Curly Horses


Aside from our specialized performance horses we raise Bashkir Curly Horses. They are an amazing breed and a pleasure to look after at the Ranch. The Curly horses are a hardy, low maintenance horse who are more gentle and friendly than anything. 

They are also hypo-allergenic, similar to a poodle so those who have allergies can still enjoy riding.


The Curly Horses are average 14.2- 15.2h, and built solid. They are extremely sure footed and can go in the roughest, most rugged terrain one could imagine, never taking a wrong step. Their feet are extremely hard and they rarely need shoes. In the winter their hair becomes either curly, wavy and the odd ones even have dead straight hair (called a Straight Haired Curly).


The Curlies are said to have originated from Russia, crossing over the bearing straight. They can withstand freezing cold temperatures that most horses could not. In the late 1800's, there was an extreme winter in Nevada, killing off thousands of horses. The Curlies were one of the only few to survive the harsh climate with little food.  


They are also used for various equine sports such as Dressage, 3 Day Eventing, Roping, Barrel Racing, Endurance, Reining and Pleasure and do extremely well. Some may be built like a tank, while others can be agile and quick.  

Their great disposition makes them very easy to train for just about anything. The Curlies are also commonly used for individuals with special needs and children.   

Fun Facts about the Bashkir Curly Horses

  • There are only 4500 Curlies registered to date!
  • They come in every colour, and many shapes & sizes! 
  • They have an extra layer of fat, helping to keep them warm in the winter
  • The have extra red blood cells, allowing them for exceptional endurance
  • Even inside their ears and their eyelashes can be curly
  • Genetically, some of the Curlies don't actually grow a mane or tail, while others have full tails to the ground 
  • They completely shed their thick winter coat in the spring looking sleek, like most horses, however, their curly ears, fetlocks, and wavy mane/tail usually give the breed away 

Come and visit the Curlies anytime!