Current Competition Team

High Star


Breed: Canadian Sport Horse

Born: 2003

About: High Star, or "Heidi", is Elana's Eventing Horse. She absolutely loves Jumping. High Star has completed many CC1* and CIC**. After a field injury in 2016, she is now bred to Riverman, with a foal due July 30th, 2019. 

We can't wait!!!!!

Fun fact: Heidi loves going to competitions by herself. Although she acts like Miss Independent, she loves the undivided attention.  



Breed: Quarter Horse

Born: 2007

About: Mercedes, or "Roo", is Elana's Rodeo Horse. She excels in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending & Breakaway Roping. Mercedes was purchased as a 4 year old, and is now in her prime, getting ready for the next Rodeo Season. 

Fun Fact: She goes by many names, Scoobs, Scooby, Roo are just a few. She also loves any type of Ranch work from bringing cows up to checking fences. 

Annie Green


Breed: Quarter Horse

Born: 2014

About: Annie was purchased as an 8 month old quarter horse, from North Dakota. She is an up coming Barrel Prospect. She's now 5 Years Old and is learning about everything, from Roping to Ranch work, before she starts her career.

Fun Fact: She always runs over when you call her, and makes sure to be the first in any photo. She loves attention from people, but often gets jealous if she needs to share the love with other horses.  

Future Team Members



Breed: Quarter Horse

Born: 2016

About: Jaynie came from Tennessee in 2017 as a yearling. Jaynie is now broke and ready to gain experience off property. She is another Rodeo / Barrel Racing Prospect. 

Fun Fact: Jay has a very gritty side. When you walk by her she pins her ears and lets you know exactly how she feels. Once she gets to know you though, she is all heart. 



Breed: Quarter Horse

Born: 2011

About: Ramsey joined us 2 years ago as a 5 year old and is another Rodeo / Barrel Horse Prospect. She is a very sensitive mare, and needs a soft hand. 

Fun Fact: She is currently bred to our stallion, with a Ranch foal due Aug. 30th, 2019. We can't wait to meet her foal! 



Breed: Quarter Horse

Born: 2017

About: "Mac", joined us from Oklahoma May 2018. She is out of Frenchmans Guy & Takin Love. Mac will be a Rodeo prospect, specializing in Barrel Racing & Roping. 

Fun Fact: RJ / Mac has never been phased about anything. She is tough, carefree and the least dramatic mare you will ever meet. Watch out rodeos! 

Retired Competition Horses



Breed: Curly x Quarter Horse

Born: 1997

About: Seastar was Elana's first horse, purchased as a yearling. Elana & Seastar competed in everything from Equitation to Jumpers & Western Gaming. Elana learned the ropes with Seastar. She won Horse of the Year at the Local Competitions 3 Years in a row & over 200 Ribbons & trophies. 

Fun Fact: Seastar is very dominant and is still jealous of any other horse on the farm. 



Breed: Appy x Thoroughbred 

Born: 2001

About: Abby was 3 years old when she came into Elana's life. Elana specifically did Western Gaming (Barrels, Flag, Poles, etc) with Abby. She also ran Pole & Barrels in the High School Rodeos as a back up horse for Foxy. Abby won multiple Year End Youth & Open Championships in Ontario.

Fun Fact: Abby needs to know & like her rider before she gives 100%. 



Breed: Quarter Horse

Born: 1993

About: Foxy will be turning 25 this year and is still very energetic. Foxy won The Ontario Pole Bending & Barrel Championships with Elana in 2010. They competed in Wyoming at Nationals running consistent 20 second Pole runs. 

Fun fact: Foxy has always been a very high energy horse & walks fast wherever she goes! She gets along well with all the youngsters in her field now. 

Past Champions



Breed: Thoroughbred


About: Autumn was purchased as an Eventing Horse. Elana & Autumn competed through the Pre-Training level throughout Ontario, before being passed along to safely teach other riders the sport of Eventing.


Fun Fact: Autumn excelled in dressage & was extremely attached to Boomer when they traveled together. 



Breed: Thoroughbred


About: Boomer & Elana competed from Entry level through to Preliminary. He was a cross country machine, and knew his job! Boomer spent his last years retired at the farm, always loose on the lawn, getting into any mischief he could. 

Fun Fact: Boomer loved candy canes. He was high maintenance and absolutely full of life & character! We miss his quirky personality. 



Breed: Quarter Horse


About: Clyde was purchased as a two year old, with high hopes to become a World Class Barrel Racer. A tendon injury on a trail turned into a tragedy when he never woke up from surgery. It was a heartbreaking time, but the Ranch now has another angel to watch over the team. 

Fun Fact: Clyde had a huge heart and personality. He was always finding a way out of his field!