Meet the Crew



Elana's passion is the Ranch, horses & competing. She strives to makes sure everything is always moving forward. She's the Head Coach, plans the Events & keeps all the "behind the scenes" tasks in order.  Elana has been riding since she was a little girl in Lessons and Competitions of nearly every discipline. She's an upper level 3 Day Event Rider and Rodeos intensively (Roping & Barrel Racing) with goals of running at the NFR. Click below for more of Elana's qualifications & sponsorship opportunities. 

Favourite Ride: Roping & Barrel Practice & any Ranch Life so she can really get to know the Guests. 



Bruno is born and raised on the Ranch and makes sure the 4th generation Farm stays running and beautiful. He is our all around handy man and operator and puts every spare hour he has into the Ranch. He fixes fences, feeds, arranges expansions, builds new cabins & barns, puts in new water lines, landscapes, plows & so much more. We would probably starve, freeze or have a lot of broken equipment without Bruno!  

Favourite Ride: Bruno enjoys our Overnight Pack Trips with lots of fishing & canoeing.



Linda is always there with a smile to help with a Trail Ride, announce at a Jackpot or look after the animals. She loves Trail Riding and simply spending time with the horses. She also makes sure to be around during Camps with the best activities and games to play! Not only that Linda always makes the best homemade baked goods for the Ranch Hands & Guests. If you'r lucky you'll stop in when there's fresh cookies in the Saloon.

Favourite Ride: Talon Chutes Ride. It's the perfect length, relaxing terrain & the scenery is different (and beautiful) everytime. 



Sophie is our part time Wrangler. She helps with everything from marketing & event planning to fixing fences & wiring lights. She enjoys our camps and teaching lessons. Sophie joins the ranch team in between her studies. 

Favourite Ride: Rough N' Tough Pack Trip! She loves the Rugged Terrain & Camping on the Cliffs. 

Tasha & Jason


Tasha with "The Ranch Boutique" supplies our Rodeo Awards & Elana's Rodeo Gear. She also makes sure our saddles & equipment are safe & stylish. Tasha helps with leather crafts at our Summer Camps. 

Jason is our Mr. Fix it, he fixes anything from a tractor to a broken gate. He also helps with our expansions & building projects. 

Favourite Ride: Tasha loves getting on Abby and practicing the Barrels anytime she can. Jason enjoys the Big Lake Pack Trip so he can relax & do some fishing. 

The Summer Crew


We have an amazing team come in each season to participate in our Wrangler Certification Program and run the Ranch. 

Each member of the team is specialized in their own way. They go the extra mile to ensure our guests and animals are cared for. 

Please contact the ranch if you are interested in our Summer Program.

A Huge Thank You!

We have had so many great people involved with the Ranch throughout the years. They have all played a huge role and left a mark in some shape or form, whether it was to a horse, a student, a guest, a chicken, or a building project. The great memories will never be forgotten & the Ranch will always carry a piece of their heart, no matter where in the world they are. Here's to amazing people who have touched our lives & helped the success of Von Doeler's Ranch as it is today.