The Dogs



Wiser was a stray in Texas. Elana brought him to Canada in 2011. In the summer, he joins almost every Trail Ride and Overnight Pack Trip. In the winter he spends most of the time inside in front of the warm fire.

He loves chasing animals in the woods, and that's why he lost one eye trying to catch a porcupine. 

Fun fact: Wiser does almost anything for bacon!



Rosco is the newest addition to the Farm. He was born in May 2017 and loves the life on the Ranch! He greets every guest with his "smile" and is loved by everybody. He helps with chores and joins Trail Rides. His winter coat is so good, he sometimes even sleeps in the snow! 

Fun Fact: He sleeps upside down on his back and growls when he's happy, so don't be afraid of him :)!

Cows, Chickens and Roosters



We keep a small herd of 10-20 Cattle, we use them to Sort and Rope. 

Fun fact: When they were smaller, Geraldine, Bingo and Pumba used to sneak trough the fence and eat the fresh hay in the hay barn. They would spend the whole night there and go back into their field in the morning to get their oats!



The Ranch keeps 20-30 Chickens to ensure fresh eggs in the morning. 


Fun fact: The Chickens know when you are talking to them and will answer when you call them ;)!