The Girls



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Mindy is great for just about anything. Trail Rides, Pack Trips, Lessons, Cow Sorting...she is a true team player for any level of rider.

Fun fact: One of the friendliest horses on the farm. Mindy will always greet you at the gate, ready for the day.  



Breed: Straight Haired Curly Horse

About: Cinnamon is one of our main Trail & Overnight Horses. She is very gentle with kids, but big and strong enough for all adults. She is also one of our best Rough N' Tough Horses!

Fun fact: Cinnamon loves to snack and will test her rider within the first few minutes to see how much she can eat along the trail :).



Breed:  Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Rose is so gentle & steady. She is great on the Trails for all levels. She is also our back up Pack Horse.  

Fun fact: Rosie was one of the first Curly Horses to be trained when they came from Alberta. She has always been easy going. 



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Jewel is just that. An absolute gem. She is in high demand and used for everything from Lessons (Jumping, Barrel Racing, Cow Sorting) to Trail Rides.  

Fun fact: Jewel also has 1 foal, Diego, age 9 now. 



Breed: Straight Haired Curly Horse

About: Misty is one of our main Wrangler Horses. She has a bit more spunk in her than some of the others, which is great for experienced riders!   

Fun fact:  Misty has three beautiful foals, Striker, age 7, and Bella, age 4, and Nelly who is 6 months!  



Breed: Straight Haired Curly Horse 

About: Penny is a main Wrangler Horse, as well as a Lesson Horse with a great personality. She guides most of our Rough N' Tough Rides and Overnight Pack Trips.

Fun facts: Penny is extremely friendly, but at times, can scare herself looking at her own shadow. That's why we LOVE her!



Breed: 3/4 Curly Horse, 1/4 Appaloosa 

About: Ginger is a great Trail Horse and loves Cow Sorting & Roping. She is also coming along great in Barrel Racing & Gaming. 

Fun fact: Ginger completed  her first Rodeo Series last season with one of our great riders, Katie, and has many more to come! 



Breed: 3/4 Bashkir Curly Horse, 1/4 Quarter Horse

About: Trixi is one of the most gentle Trail Horses on the Farm. She is very good with nervous rider & kids. She is also a good Lesson Horse and loves to jump.

Fun fact: Trixi is a little bit of a Diva, and tries to avoid getting her feet muddy :)! 



Breed: 3/4 Bashkir Curly Horse, 1/4 Quarter Horse

About: Whisper is a Wrangler Horse as well as a back up Pack Horse. She is extremely careful on the trails in rugged terrain. 
Fun Fact: She is a very sensitive horse & she needs a soft hand. Her quirky personality grows on everyone!



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Mia spent her first 5 years in Alberta and got trained in the winter of 2017. She was one of our main Wrangler Horses last summer and will be a great Lesson and Show Horse in 2019!

Fun fact: Mia loves to jump! She already managed to jump the fence once to follow her buddies. Watch out in the Cross Country Course!



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse

About: This beautiful mare is one of the new horses that came from Alberta and got trained in the winter of 2017. She started to be a great Lesson and Guest Trail Horse in our 2018 season. 

Fun fact: No matter how good we tie her, she always manages to untie herself somehow :)!



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Molly came from Alberta last winter. She got trained here and is a Wrangler Horse and already our main Pack Horse! This year she'll be a great Guest Trail Horse.

Fun fact: Our "little elephant" is a BIG gal. She is built like a tank, but the most gentle horse you'll find around.   



Breed: Straight Haired Curly, Quarter Horse Cross

About: Dolly is the 4th of the bunch of mares that came from Alberta in November 2016. She is already an experienced Rough N' Tough Horse, does lesson and takes Guests out on Trails. She will also be a great Show Horse for the 2019 season!

Fun fact: She loves tracking and chasing cows and we are sure that she's going to make a great Rope Horse!



Breed: Straight Haired Curly Horse 

About: Bella was born on the Farm in 2015, she is Misty and Copper Top's filly. She loves to come out of the field, play around and get brushed! 2019 will be her first season as a Wrangler horse!

Fun fact: Bella looks exactly like her Mom, Misty. Both of them are beautiful & very balanced.



Button: 1/2 Bashkir Curly Horse, 1/2 Canadian 

About: Button is a big stout filly and super curly. She loves playing with her buddy Bella, coming out of the field playing around and learning new things.

Fun fact: Button was the most independent foal we've ever seen. She was never overly concerned about being away from Mom.



Nelly is our newest member of the crew! She was born July 26th 2018. She is Misty`s third foal and a full sister to Striker and Bella. She loves to run around in her field and says hi to everyone who comes for a visit.

She currently is getting halter broke.



Breed: 3/4 Curly Horse, 1/4 Quarter Horse

About: Seastar was the very first horse on the Ranch. She was a great jumper and Elana competed on her for many years. Now she is a great Lesson Horse for the younger kids.

Fun fact: When she got to old to compete, she chased Elana's trailer down the driveway, hoping Elana would bring her to the show. She's also very jealous of any new horse Elana gets.



Breed: 1/2 Appaloosa, 1/2 TB 

About: Abby is a retired competition horse, now one of our main Lesson Horses. She does nearly every discipline, Barrels, Jumping and Cattle Sorting. She will test her rider, but when you figure her out, she'll do anything for you!

Fun fact: Abby always knows when it's show time. She won many Youth Championships with Elana & helped bringing her to The National Finals Rodeo. 



Breed: Quarter Horse

About: Another one of Elana's retired Rodeo horses. She's turning 25 this year and is still very energetic. Foxy is enjoying her retirement with some Trail Rides & Pony Rides. 

Fun fact: Foxy won The Ontario Pole Bending & Barrel Championships with Elana in 2010. They competed in Wyoming at Nationals running Elana's fastest Pole time to date of a 20.6.

The Boys



Breed: Straight Haired Curly Horse

About: Matrix is an amazing Trail Horse & Overnight Horse, good for all levels. He is amazing in the rugged terrain. 
Fun Fact: Matrix has so much character. He will open gates, take the hose out of the tub & flirt with the other horses. He is also a full brother to Penny. 



Breed: 3/4 Bashkir Curly Horse, 1/4 Quarter Horse 

About: Prancer is a great all around horse. Trail Rides, Cattle Sorting, Pole Bending, Jumping, you name it, he can do it! 

Fun Fact: Prancer is loved by Linda, she guides Trail Rides off of him and enters our Jackpots for fun. 



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Twister is used for Trail Rides (his choice). He is steady as a rock and will be sure to take care of any guest who rides him. 
Fun Fact: He gets very curly in the winter. He loves rough terrain and will go through absolutely any mud hole or up any cliff. He also has a MUSTACHE!!! 



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Prince does Trail Rides & Overnight Pack Trips. Prince is solid as a rock out on the trails and is used for all levels. 
Fun Fact: Prince will go through absolutely anything. He loves mud and rivers. He will often be found hanging out in the pond with mud to his ears (literally)! 



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Buck is great for Trail Rides & Pony Rides. He is mostly a childrens horse now and is AMAZING with even the smallest of kids. He is absolutely bomb proof & you can trust him with your life. 

Fun fact: Buck is 30 years old, the oldest horse on the farm. He loves his herd of 10 mares, and is very protective of them. 

Fire Cracker


Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse  

About: Cracker is very versatile, Trail Rides, Roping, Cattle Sorting, Pack Trips, he does it all! 
Fun Fact: Cracker is a son of Cinnamon. Although he was very spunky as a foal, if you let him now, he'd enjoy walking slowly at the back of the group ;).



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Diego is great on Trail Rides & Overnight Trips. He is one of the most gentle horses you will find around. 
Fun Fact: Diego is a son of Jewel. He actually has a small brown heart shape in his blaze which gave him the nickname "Key to My Heart". 



Breed: Full Bashkir Curly Horse 

About: Sunny was a great Trail Horse. However, he popped his hip out in the field in 2012 and can no longer work. He currently enjoys hanging out in the field eating grass!
Fun Fact: His best friends are Euker, Stardust and Prancer, he goes where they go!



Breed: 3/4 Bashkir Curly Horse, 1/4 Mustang 

Amount: Euker is a great kids horse out on the Trails & loves the Big Rock Ride.
Fun Fact: Euker has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye. He is also one of Elana's personal favourites & has the cutest, curliest forlock!



Breed: 3/4 Bashkir Curly Horse, 1/4 Mustang  

About: Stardust is in training right now, and will be a second Pack Horse besides Molly for the busy Pack Trip season!
Fun Fact: Stardust used to be really hard to catch and needs to trust the people that are handling him. Although he is super shy, he loves to be brushed and get attention!



Breed: Bashkir Curly Horse

About: Striker was born on the farm in 2012, he is Misty and Copper's son. He is an all around horse, great on all the Trails, very patient with kids, good in Lessons, runs Jackpots and Rodeos and wins Eventing Derbies. 

Fun fact: He was born in the middle of January. We believe that his cold first winter months made him really tough, he can handle anything!

Copper Top


Breed: Bashkir Curly Horse

About: Copper is our Ranch Stallion. He is extremely gentle and has 7 foals with a 8th on way.

Fun fact: Copper Top has great Curly Genes, and produces strong, healthy foals every time. He was the smallest & weakest of the Curlies brought from Alberta, but made a huge turn around.